Age: 35

Occupation: Anesthesiologist

Began working with Lucas in June 2015

Beginning club head speed: low 100's

Current club head speed: 120+mph

In his own words:

The feeling of flushing my irons was completely foreign and an abstract notion prior to starting my training with Lucas Wald. Even when finding the sweet spot with my old swing, the compression I felt was always minimal. I now have a high piercing ball flight with real compression, that feels awesome and creates that hissing sound you hear with good ball strikers. Do I achieve it with every swing, no. But that real compression is now a shot I have.

I always loved golf, but never had much time to devote to it until my early 30's. At that time I started researching on the internet the numerous swing philosophies and ultimately stumbled on the Kelvin Miyahria articles.

After a swing analysis from Kelvin, I realized training the motor patterns would be difficult, and thus decided to go with a more structured appr
oach and registered for the Bradley Hughes online course. My game was improving, but ball striking was still lacking the compression I really wanted. If anything, I was starting to lose distance and hit really weak cuts. After completing the Hughes course over six months I realized I was actually further from my goal.

Shortly thereafter, Gabe Writer teamed up with Kelvin with the idea of giving a little more structure to Kelvin's work. So I signed up for the MTI-Kelvin program with all the drills, videos, and Facebook content.
 I watched the videos, did all the drills and hit thousands of balls. But I couldn't achieve the compression I was seeking. I was starting to wonder if something was wrong with me. Why couldn't I learn the movement patterns?  I was desperate, and on the verge of giving up on ever being able to really compress a golf ball. Maybe I could chip and putt my handicap down?
Despite the general consensus within the MTI FB community that slow motion training didn't work and the lack of any endorsement of Lucas Wald's work, I knew I had to do something different.  Ryland's swing transformation let me know what was possible. I thus took the plunge, went to Arkansas, and we know the rest.... 
Luke Bracke

Cody, WY

​January 2016

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