Age: 38

Occupation: professional golfer​

Beginning club head speed: 109mph
Current club head speed: 120+mph

Lucas's story:

Lucas played competitive golf with some success, winning the Arkansas State Open and making the cut in mini-tour events. Late in his playing career, Lucas discovered the truth that the best golf is played with the least amount of conscious effort or thought, in the “effortless present” or the “zone”. Playing with no conscious thought, Lucas easily Monday qualified for the Memphis Open, only to find that, at the time, he was both mentally and physically unequipped to play at that level, failing miserably, missing the cut by a wide margin. 

That experience prompted Lucas to see if he could, first, learn elite-level mechanics, and then learn to “forget” them while playing, as he suspected the legends did.

After taking a “wrong turn” and training with a renowned biomechanist for two months (which only made his swing worse), Lucas discovered similarities between the baseball swing of batting legend Albert Pujols and long-drive champion Jamie Sadlowski, who Lucas had observed first-hand driving the ball 400 yards, with little apparent effort, while standing only 5’ 11” and weighing just 165 pounds.

Through his study of elite athletes, Lucas began to understand the blueprint of movement and muscle firings that allowed the legends to hit incredible golf shots. The next task was to see if those movements could be trained. The training was quite arduous and took years of research and study.  But, mostly through trial and error, Luke did it.

Once Luke started seeing himself move in the correct way (after knowing what the correct movements were), he started seeing dramatic results.  Starting very slowly, the new shape began to take form. Lucas took inspiration from a famous tai chi artist, Master Chen, whom many consider to have magical explosive power.  However, Master Chen would say: ”These moves aren't magical at all, I just mastered them at slow speeds and then sped them up.”

Now Lucas can hit the ball the way he always dreamed of, but never thought he would, with the club head speed (120+ mph) and ball speed (175+ mph) of the top hitters on tour- and he is only 5'8'' and 150 lbs. His ball flight is very predictable, both high and straight, with very little curvature, unless desired.

Lucas has developed a training methodology based on his own experience and now trains golfers of all ages and abilities the “elements of an ideal swing”. His own case study and the case studies of his students are without peer, and he has cultivated a world-wide following, of both students and instructors, the latter inevitably seeking help with their own game, in nearly all cases complaining of lost distance.

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